Direct Supplement Plans

Selman & Company supplement plans -- benefits that actually are benefits

Selman & Company is a leading provider of TRICARE, TRICARE Reserve Select, and CHAMPVA supplement plans for individuals and families. We have been serving the military retiree community since 1975 and have built a reputation for excellence through our plans and our partnerships with various military associations.

Our Plans

Individual TRICARE Supplement Plans
If you are currently enrolled in or are contemplating enrolling in TRICARE Standard, Extra, or Retired Reserve, this is the plan for you.

CHAMPVA Supplement Plan
If you are the dependent of a disabled veteran and are eligible or enrolled in CHAMPVA, this supplement will wrap around your benefits to provide added security.

TRICARE Reserve Select Supplement Plan
If you are eligible for or enrolled in TRICARE Reserve Select this supplement plan will suit your needs.

Plan Features and Benefits
  • Available worldwide
  • Pays TRICARE co-pays (including prescriptions)
  • Pays TRICARE cost shares
  • Pays excess charges
Am I eligible?
  • Military retirees with at least 20 years of creditable military service and entitled to retired pay
  • Spouses or surviving spouses of military retirees
  • Retired Reserve members under age 60 ("Gray Area" retirees) and enrolled in TRICARE Retired Reserves (TRR)
  • Spouses or surviving spouses of Retired Reserve members who are enrolled in TRR
  • Retired reservists over age 60 with at least 20 years of creditable military service
  • Spouses or surviving spouses of Retired Reservists
  • Eligible for CHAMPVA as a dependent of a disabled veteran or a surviving dependent of a veteran who died in the line of duty

Please check with TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or TRICARE Reserve Select to ensure that you are eligible and consult DEERS (Defense Eligibility and Enrollment Reporting System) to update your records.

How to Enroll
  • Complete the Selman & Company individual enrollment form -- this is the easiest and quickest way to enroll
  • Contact Selman & Company directly at 1-800-638-2610, option 4 -- our knowledgeable and courteous representatives are here to help
  • Inquire with one of our partner associations
  • Call your local insurance agent -- our agents are qualified to help you make the right selection

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