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Q: How can I identify the TRICARE-eligible segment of our total employee population?
Most of our existing clients have no mechanism for tracking the total TRICARE-eligible population, even if they can track the military retirees. In our experience the most efficient means is to distribute a notice to all employees and allow eligibles to self-identify.

Q: Would it be fair and equitable to offer this health benefit when it only applies to a segment of the total employee population?
Yes. Since the average age of TRICARE-participants is 55 and tend to be older, higher risk employees who tend to file more medical claims. The overall employee population benefits when TRICARE-eligibles opt out of traditional plans because claims experience is favorably affected. This action helps to stabilize the traditional health plan rates for the benefit of the entire employee population.

Q: Will the Corporate TRICARE Supplement compete or coordinate with traditional, employer-sponsored health plans?
The Supplement is a non-competing plan. It addresses only a segment of an employee population and therefore allows a sufficient number of employees to remain on traditional health plans without disrupting minimum participation requirements. It was designed to coordinate with a variety of benefit packages.

Q: Is there a minimum participation requirement for the Corporate TRICARE Supplement Plan?
No. A successful first year enrollment in the Supplement can range from 1 - 10% of the total employee population.

Q: What factors qualify an employer as suitable to benefit from this plan offering?
Business areas which attract employees with military training, expertise, and security clearances. Job sites in areas of high military concentration, i.e., locations in the U.S. and overseas near military facilities. Desire to boost recruitment and retention effort of military-trained employees.

Q: Are Selman & Company Representatives available to attend Open Enrollment meetings and give presentations at the employer's job sites?
Yes. Please contact a representative online or by phone at 1-800-638-2610, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET, Monday - Friday for more information.

Q: How does Selman & Company alleviate some of the administrative burden of implementing this plan?
Selman & Company provides: marketing and enrollment materials, product training for client's staff, enrollers, billing, account administration, payment of claims, issuance of policy, issuance of plan I.D. cards, and live, toll-free customer Service.

Q: I have a question which isn't covered here.
Please reach us with your questions at the contact below.

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