Offering Our Plan

Selman & Company provides the tools and experience to make offering our plan a snap

Selman & Company makes it easy to offer our Corporate TRICARE Supplement Plan to your eligible employees. Our experienced implementation team has successfully set up over 1000 employer groups. We have the knowledge and dedication to make it work for you.


If you do not have a qualified cafeteria plan you may still offer the plan on a payroll deduction basis. However, you must set it up as a post-tax deduction. Your employees don't benefit from the tax savings but they still get the peace of mind a good health care plan brings.

If the payroll deduction option is not attractive, we can offer this supplement to your employees and bill them directly. They will have the option to pay through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) deduction from their bank account or by check. The EFT billing is done monthly and saves your employees from the hassle of mailing their payment. Our check option can be billed quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. Either way, we process their payments promptly and accurately.


Our team will work with your staff to determine the key data elements required and to establish a clear and consistent flow of information between the organizations. We focus on handling as much electronically and using standardized HIPAA file formats to reduce administrative overhead, although we can handle other formats and mechanisms. Our goal is to provide the flexibility to make this process work for everyone.