Plans Through Your Employer

Selman & Company TRICARE supplement plans bring you more choices and peace of mind in your second career

Expand Your Healthcare Choices

  • co-pays (including prescriptions)
  • cost shares
  • other out-of-pocket expenses
  • charges in excess* of those covered by TRICARE

Supplement plans are generally designed to work with your primary insurance to cover the out-of-pocket expenses inherent in all health insurance plans, including your employer health plan. Our plans were specifically designed with your TRICARE benefits in mind. They wrap around your military retirement benefits to fill the gaps.

One of our supplement plans, combined with your TRICARE benefit, frees you from the worry of being saddled with the financial burden brought about by an accident or illness.

How it Works

If you are unsure as to whether your employer makes this benefit available, contact us online, or by phone at 1-800-638-2610, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET, Monday - Friday, to speak with a representative. We will review our extensive list of employer plans to see if there is something for you.

If your employer does not make this benefit available and you would like them to add it to their offerings, contact us online, or by phone 1-800-638-2610 ext 190, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET, Monday - Friday and we'll see what we can do to help.

Some employers make the plan available through a qualified cafeteria plan, which allows you to pay for the voluntary benefit using pretax earnings, others do not. Either way you receive the premium level of benefits that we only offer through our employer plans.

Filing a claim is simple. You or your provider just needs to send us the bill and the TRICARE explanation of benefits (EOB). Our professionals will promptly process your claim and in most cases your check is in the mail in 5 or 6 business days.

Our supplement plans will cover you anywhere that TRICARE, CHAMPVA, or TRICARE Reserve Select benefits are available. Enjoy worldwide access to providers and services and know that you are covered.

Are You Eligible?

Selman & Company's supplement plans also include TRICARE Young Adult coverage. So your dependents who are eligible to remain on your TRICARE coverage up to their 26th birthday are eligible to remain on your supplement coverage.

Selman & Company, a Trusted Partner

Selman & Company is a third-party administrator specializing in the marketing and administration of supplement insurance. The Selman & Company TRICARE/CHAMPVA Supplement plans are underwritten by Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA, Group Policy MLTRC1000GP and in NY by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY, Group Policy TFTRC1000GP.