Obtaining Coverage

We make the enrollment process as smooth and easy as possible

Selman & Company offers several ways to enroll in our supplement. We work with your employer to establish a mechanism that works for you and your employer. Some employers choose to use their existing enrollment system. Others choose to have Selman & Company handle the enrollment process. Either way you can rest assured that our skilled team of professionals is working to provide you the service you deserve.

Most members enroll during their employer's open enrollment period. If the Selman & Company Corporate TRICARE Supplement Plan is being offered as a voluntary benefit on a pretax basis through a qualified cafeteria plan you must enroll during open enrollment or when you join the organization. Changes at other times during the year are prohibited.

Employers who offer our supplement either on a post-tax basis or through direct billing from Selman & Company may have restrictions on when you can leave your company health plan. Please contact your HR or Benefit representative to discuss your options.

  • a military retiree, their spouses, or an unmarried eligible dependent children
  • a military retiree, age 65 or older, who is not eligible for Medicare
  • a former spouse, a surviving spouse, or unmarried eligible dependent children
  • an active-duty spouse or eligible dependents who use TRICARE Standard

  • The spouse or child of a veteran who has been rated 100% permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability by a VA regional office, or
  • The surviving spouse or child of a veteran who died from a VA-rated service-connected disability, or who, at the time of death, was rated 100% permanently and totally disabled, or
  • The surviving spouse or child of a veteran who died in the line of duty, not due to misconduct (in most cases, these family members are eligible for TRICARE, not CHAMPVA).


TRICARE - https://tricare.mil/Plans/Eligibility
CHAMPVA - http://www.va.gov/hac/forbeneficiaries/champva/champva.asp
TRICARE Reserve Select - https://tricare.mil/Plans/Eligibility